These graphics of Wood Badge related items are all contained in Zip files and are in various formats (GIF, PCX, BMP and others.) If you have a favorite piece of clipart please send it to me and I will try to include in the Wood Badge Clipart.

If you have trouble with zip files try the directory of files at

It lists all the files available and then you can view them individually. In most browsers after viewing the individual file, you can "right click" your mouse on the image and save the file.

Wood Badge Clipart

  • Beads - contains 2, 3, and 4 beads
  • Axe and Log - contains the traditional axe and log in several different styles.
  • Miscellaneous - contains color clipart, tartan, smokey hat, woggle, patch etc.
  • Baden-Powell Sketches - contains B-P's sketches from old handbooks etc.

Patrol Emblems, etc.

Wood Badge uses the patrol method.  Here are the traditional Wood Badge patrol names some clipart related to each patrol.

I have been asked to include these other patrols, however I have very little art available (some cases none).

Raven - Crow - Wolf - Hawk - Panther


To install these fonts extract them with your ZIP program, then copy the .ttf files to your c:\windows\fonts directory. This should then allow you to change the font in your word processor or other application. If you don't have a word processor Window95 comes with WordPad that will allow you to change the font. Mac Users: Here are the files in stuffed (.SIT) format courtesy of Andrew Miller 92-42, thanks Andrew! Macintosh users should unstuff the fonts and drag the font file to the "Fonts" folder in the "System Folder".

Artwork by Kaye Templeman

Artwork Copyright Kay Templeman, 1998.

Wood Badge critters by Kaye Templeman from Yuma Arizona. This artwork is copyrighted, do not republish this artwork or use this clipart for commercial purposes without permission. She does have some T-shirts available contact her at;

Kaye Templeman
672 West 37th Place
Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 782-2357


Song "Back to Gilwell" as a midi file. In most browsers right click on the control panel below and then "Save As" to save the file. Here is the sheet music.

Back To Gilwell Song I created this file from the music in the Wood Badge notebook and using Noteworthy Composer.

If you can't play or save this midi file here it is in a ZIP file.


There are numerous versions of songbooks in the Files directory listed above.  Thank you to Stuart Weinberg for the latest version that has been reformatted for both Word 2003 and 2007. He has also provided a PDF copy of the book to make it easier to make copies.

Wood Badge Song Book zip file (4.9 MB):

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