Two Tiny Wooden Beads

Two Tiny Wooden Beads

Two tiny wooden beads on a leather thong. Doesn’t sound like an outstanding badge and mark of distinction, but it is known and respected as such around the globe. It is symbolic of the interest and efforts of one man on behalf of others that created and launched the largest movement for boys that the world has every known.

It is the mark of men who have demonstrated that they are men of character who are devoted to a cause: men who strive for perfection well knowing that even the best is not enough; men that hold the welfare of others above self; Scouters who live up to all that name implies.

Awarded to a Scouter on the basis of what he thinks and is, rather than on what he knows. He must demonstrate that he has know-how too. For good intentions count for little until by the application of ability and determination they produce results that count. Striving for perfection in themselves that they might train others better. To this end exists Wood Badge.

It is doubtful that the thought ever entered the mind of Robert Baden-Powell, that his efforts on Brownsea Island would grow to influence the youth of the world, and that in the days ahead thousands upon thousands of men would carry his efforts forward to an ever increasing number of boys.

Who knows but that this effort, this crusade, may flourish to the end that two tiny wooden beads on a leather thong may yet become the symbol of a succeeding effort to bring about a World Brotherhood of Man under a Fatherhood of God. To that end may Wood Badge serve and her men never falter or fail.

Two tiny wooden beads on a leather thong. They could symbolize the hope of the world. It’s up to you.

H.G. – E.W.B. 23 – U.S.A

Thanks to Mike Hartz of the Des Plaines Valley Council.
After Mike sent this to me I also found it in
“A History of Wood Badge in the United States”